Soil Renew 3Kg

Size: 3Kg

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Soil Renew increases the production and the biologic transformation of organic matters into humus, spread one handful per m² on the surface of the ground. Soil Renew is made from vegetal composts that store the nutrients your plants need to develop properly while protecting the environment. STRONGER AND WELL FED PLANTS Humus creation: Humus, basis of soil fertility, is the result of microflora and microfauna actions. This evolved organic matter flocculates clay, building up the clay-humic complex which, like a sponge, has the capacity to retain water and all the nutrients needed by vegetation as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca²+), sulphur, and trace elements. Soil Renew acts naturally on your soil fertility Soil Renew develops humus very quickly, thus offering a well balanced and structured soil without any other kind of fertilisation. HOW TO USE: Vegetable garden 50g per m² in autumn and 50g after seeding Lawn 30-50g per m² in spring and autumn every year Trees and hedges 50-80g per m² Indoor house plants 8-10 pellets per plant

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