Resolva Pro Weedkiller Super Conc. Xtra Tough 1L (New)

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Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Super Concentrate is a super strength weedkiller concentrate. It is therefore ideal for clearing large areas of weeds. Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Super Concentrate kills weeds as well as roots and controls annual and deep-rooted perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds including bracken, broad-leaved dock, common couch, cleavers, colt’s foot, chickweed, common nettle, common thistle, creeping buttercup, curled dock, dandelion, ground elder, perennial sow thistle, plantains, red clover, scotch thistle, sheeps sorrel, spear thistle, speedwell, white clover, white dead nettle, willowherb, yarrow and many others. Kills roots so weeds don’t come back Kills tough weeds & their roots Contains glyphosate

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