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Mesh nostalgic shape with vivid pattern in your home or yard using this Esschert Design Portuguese Style Jug Planter or Watering Can. This lasting, metal unit is perfect for use as a lovely planter, or may be filled with 0.375 gallons of water for hydrating other plants. Blue flower and leaf shapes adorn the vessel's body, and the white background adds wonderful contrast. This pattern mimics a common Portuguese design motif, and the metal construction of the item offers durability. A gray mouth and handle add a bit of shine and dimension to this item, and the upwardly angled top perfectly showcases your blooms. Rest the 4.75" diameter base on a level surface in your yard or home, allowing the beauty of the unit to act as a focal point. Plant a few flowers or keep several watered easily in Iberian style with this Portuguese Style Jug Planter or Watering Can.

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