gb growpot starter set (set of 10) Colour: living black

Colour: living black

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Start the growing process with the elho starter set. These small, practical cultivation pots are ideal for growing and cultivating your own herbs and vegetables. The set consists of ten pots and are designed for use with the elho green basics propagator and dish. Add the grow box to the propagator or dish to create the optimal growing conditions for any vegetables, herbs or plants. All products from the elho’s green basics collection are made of recycled plastics. They are easy to move because they are lightweight. The UV-filter ensures that the cultivation pots can be placed in direct sunlight without becoming discoloured. The elho green basics cultivation pots are made to be reused. Don’t worry if you leave them outside in winter, they are built to withstand temperatures to -40 Celsius. Don’t panic if you drop the pots, all products of the elho green basics collections are unbreakable.

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