Carex test. Prairie Fire

Size: 2.0 ltr

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Grown for its striking colour and dense, upright, arching habit, Carex testacea Prairie Fire is a small, clump-forming, evergreen, perennial grass, particularly good in containers. In good light, the slender leaves are olive-green flushed with deep orange-bronze and tipped with orange, turning orange-red in autumn. Insignificant, red-tinted, brown flower-spikes appear in July and August, lengthening as the seeds develop. In very mild areas, New Zealand sedge Prairie Fire is good inter-planted in drifts with hot-coloured perennials or in a gravel planting, but in colder parts it’s better in containers, which can be brought in for the winter. Prefers moist soil, but drought-tolerant once established. Rake out dead leaves in early spring.

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