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With berries very high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, Lonicera caerulea Atut is a cultivar of a fruiting shrub from Siberia and Kamschatka quite recently introduced to the west. The berries are long, cylindrical and purplish-black, with a white, waxy bloom, and have a good, sweet-sour flavour. Honeyberry Atut is an early to mid-season cropper, and produces a good amount of berries, which ripen over a long period. The bush grows to about 5’/1.5m. It’s partially self-fertile, but will crop better if grown with a different honeyberry cultivar; mid- to late season Duet is ideal. Honeyberries flower very early in the year when few pollinating insects are about, so you may need to pollinate with a small, soft artist’s brush. Honeyberries should not be given too much fertiliser or compost, or there will be too much leafy growth at the expense of fruit. Site: Warm, sheltered, sunny site Soil: Any well-drained soil, slightly acidic and humus-rich preferred Position: Full sun Pick: As soon as the berries are ripe, with a waxy bloom Keep: Does not keep Hardiness: Very hardy Pollination: Partially self-fertile; crops well grown with honeyberry Duet Uses: Eating fresh, juicing, preserves

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