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Ficus Repens is a hearty evergreen climbing fig that once attached to a wall or fence will soon cover the area, growing rapidly to a height of over 30ft. It has small simple dark to medium green leaves. The mature bark like stem has aerial roots and can attach itself firmly to anything, perfect for covering a trellis or wall. Ficus Repens grows vigorously and needs regular pruning to keep it under control. It can also be used as a hanging container plant or for ground cover. Ficus repens can grow almost anywhere and it thrives on a mix of sunlight and shade though it grows faster in the sun. It needs frequent watering in summer and the soil should never be allowed to dry out. Please Note: Ficus repens is not an edible fig tree and is unsuitable if young children are around. It produces hairy pear like fruits throughout the year which are poisonous if ingested. The sharp pointed stems can be dangerous if someone is poked by them and pruning the plant can cause an allergic reaction.

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