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Description: A recent introduction from America, this variegated form of the popular climber has a strongly mottled variegation of green and cream on the large five lobed leaves which can look quite stunning. Though slower growing than the species it is still a vigorous climber so space needed to reduce the maintenance or regular trimming. Uses: As a climbing plant suitable for a wall or a pergola as well as along a fence or even through a tree. Only partially self climbing so support is needed. Climate/Position: Full sun or partial shade. Height/Spread: Not as vigorous as the species but still likely to be 5 - 10 metres Soil Requirements: Humus rich and moisture retentive soils. Tolerant of urban pollution. Pruning: Prune as necessary at any time to control shape and size. Cut back to a strong bud and tie in new growth. Remove reverted (plain green) shoots if they appear. Special Requirements: Handling plant may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction Additional Interest: The Trade name = 'Monham' Introduced by Monrovia Nurseries in 1996. quinquifolia meaning five leaflets referring to the leaf shape

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