Laurus Nobilis Pleated Stem

Size: 100cm Stem

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Laurus nobilis is a remnant of the vast laurel forests of ancient times, that originally covered much of the Mediterranean Basin until around ten thousand years ago. The iconic wreaths used as a status symbol in ancient Greece were made of laurel. An evergreen, large shrub or small tree, Laurus nobilis is an aromatic plant with dark green leaves used around the world in cooking. The Bay Laurel has tight clusters of small, yellow-green flowers in Spring. It maintains a good, pyramidal shape. It can be grown as a topiary specimen in a medium to large garden, or kept in large patio containers in the kitchen garden. Useful for evergreen hedging. Site: Fairly sheltered sites, seaside gardens Soil: Well drained soils, tolerate clay Position: Full sun, tolerates partial shade Season of Interest: Evergreen foliage, yellow-green flowers in Spring Hardiness: Fully hardy Height: up to 40ft (12m) Spread: up to 33ft (10m)

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