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Potted Armeria Plant - Characteristics Habit: Neat, round clusters of foliage Ground cover plant Foliage: Fine & compact evergreen leaves Flowering period: Spring into Summer Final Height: 25cm Final Spread: 30cm Potted Armeria Plant - Planting Instructions Alpine plants - Like a light, airy soil Well drained soils Prepare bed by digging over soil & add some fertilizer or manure Soak pot for about 3 minutes before planting Dig hole roughly twice the size of the plant pot Handle pots with care Squeeze side of pots to remove plant Plant this alpine so that the top of root ball is level with existing soil level Firm in well Soak soil well after planting Potted Armeria Plant - Uses / Location Grow in a light, free draining soil Happy in an exposed or sheltered spot Suited to rockeries & alpine garden Ideal for roof gardens Plant with other alpine plants such as Saxifrage, Scabiosa, Aubretia, Aster & Aquilegia Looks great when planted under the base of trees Companion plants include Grasses, Aubretia, Saxifage, Bellis & Cosmos

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