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Duotree has been grafted with two delicious pear varieties: Beurre Hardy - A classic French dessert pear from the early 1800s, whose medium-to-large fruits boast soft, buttery flesh with an excellent flavour. Pick when still firm and ripen indoors for best quality fruit. Ready to harvest from early autumn. Maximum height 2.5-3m (8 -10 ). Williams Bon Chretien - Usually just called Williams pear. Large, sweet smooth and very juicy! It turns yellow when ripe, and while a superb eating pear, it s also great for stewing. Reliably heavy-cropping. Select a sheltered spot wih plently of sunlight and dig over the soil to a depth of 45cm, mixing in plenty of compost. Dig a hole deep enough to accomodate the root ball, ensuring the top of the ball meets the soil. Water in thoroughly and keep the soil moist until the tree is established.

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