Glass Vase Colour: Clear

Size: H12 & D8.5cm Colour: Clear

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Vases come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and are made from all different types of materials. However, there is just something simple yet very stylish about a clear glass vase. You can use this Chic Antique clear elegant vase as a regular flower vase. However, due to its transparent look, it also looks fantastic when you fill it with something else besides flowers, like decorative sand for instance. You can always change its decor according to season. Add a couple of small pussy willow twigs to it in the Spring, or some dried wheat stalks in the fall. Decorate your windowsill, shelf or table with this glass flower holder and you’ll be amazed how big of an effect a small decoration like this Chic Antique elegant glass vase can have on a room

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