flopro monsoon oscillating sprinkler

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This Flopro Monsoon Oscillating Sprinkler has an adjustable flow, which therefore makes it perfect for watering at a variety of heights. This sled base rectangular sprinkler is ideal for watering rectangle size lawns. It also has has 6 separately adjustable nozzles enabling the irrigation area to be reduced from 20 to 14 nozzles. Additionally it also includes a snap-fit which is compatible with all watering brands. Monsoon covers a large surface thus enabling you to water lawns, beds and borders whilst providing a smooth regulation of water. Sprinkler Features Adjustable water direction and range Maximum area coverage of 196m2 Water usage for 2bar – 12 litres per hour Made from premium grade plastic Includes nozzle cleaning tool UV protected Diameter: 13.5m x 14.5m Water covers a maximum rectangular surface area of (13.5m x 14.5m) – 196m² 100% compatible with all watering brands

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