Flopro Soft flo Advanced Spray Gun

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The Flopro SoftFlo Spray Gun is perfect to water your container plants. The unique setting mixes water with air to create a soft and gentle waterflow. This makes sure your container soil does not get displaced, keeps the fluffy structure of the compost and does not harm the vulnerable plants and roots. Even more, it actually waters the soil and roots instead of the plants leaves which reduces scorching risk during hot summer days. Furthermore, Flopro SoftFlo covers all your gardening jobs, from watering your container plants to flower & vegetable beds, car wash and cleaning dirt from your tools and wellies. It is ideal for any task. With its one handed water control you can turn water on & off and adjust waterflow at the same time. We guarantee the Flopro SoftFlo is compatible with all brands in the market and with your existing watering system. Features Water flow is fully adjustable with one hand Covers all watering jobs: containers, flower & vegetable beds, car wash and cleaning tough dirt Ultra tough materials protect the gun against damage Diameter: 12.5mm (1/2?) 100% compatible with all watering brands Use with our Flopro Hosepipe

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